Would you like to earn money whilst you sleep?

  • Adult chatline service seeks affiliates / business partners
  • This opportunity would suit ambitious men and / or women
  • Any age
  • We have a team of live chat operators in place
  • (so you will NOT have to take the calls yourself!!)
  • This is your chance to have your very own chatline!

What do I have to do?

  • You’ll be given your own number to promote
  • You promote the number and we will answer the calls
  • You will get paid on all the calls received

How do I have to do this?

  • Marketing materials are provided as part of initial business builder starter pack
  • You will be given full training on how to promote your number
  • You will be given support on how to run the business

How much money can I make?

  • This industry is worth an estimated $57bn
  • Did you know that 1 in 8 search online are sex-related?
  • Become part of a very lucrative and unique business opportunity
  • Earnings potential unlimited – the more calls that come in, the more money you’ll make!!!
  • You’ll be paid a % of every call that comes in.

Why should I do this?

  • No ongoing costs. No staff to manage. No answering the phones yourself.
  • All you do is promote your number. Online and/or offline. And you get paid.
  • In effect, you can get paid whilst you sleep, because the hotline is open 24 hours a day.

What is the investment to start my own business?

  • Join our business on a low cost starter package (normally £99, but for a limited time reduced to just £47)
  • Normally £99
  • NOW JUST £47 TO GET STARTED !! paypal buy now

How do I get paid?

  • Commission payments will come from Joli Telecommunications Ltd – and will not effect any other part of your personal / business life.
  • Commissions can be paid directly into your account or by PayPal
  • No-one needs to know that you are in a business like this! You can be anonymous! Friends and family do not need to know (unless you tell them of course!!)

What do I have to do if I’m interested?

  • Contact us today!
  • Make the £47 payment to: JOLI and you’ll receive access to the online training video to get you started and your physical marketing pack in the post within a week
  • Fill out the form below, and get more information on earning potential etc.,

How soon would I start?

  • Once payment has been made, your marketing starter pack will be ordered (allow approx 1 week to arrive). Your number will be allocated to you within 48 hours – and you’ll be able to promote your business straight away. There is online marketing training to help you to get started – you’ll get immediate access to this.
  • This is a fun and creative business. The sooner you make your phone line ring, the more money you’ll make!

Cheers An anonymous affiliate – celebrating her monthly commission payment 

Info Pack

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